13th July 2019 / 14.00 – 17.00

The practice of yoga does not have to end up becoming yet another piece of labour. Especially as we become more committed to our practice, we tend to forget that it need not be all that serious and that it can still be playful. Play is an ideal state of mind for creativity and learning because the mind is focused on the means instead of the outcome. As a community of players, we will devise our own games, exploring specifically how varying degrees of playfulness can be incorporated within the framework of yoga. Utilising partnerwork and props, we will learn to invoke play in both our own practice and in other. Open to all, but particularly useful for self practitioners and teachers interested in facilitating play and free movement in practice.

Early Bird 1000,- Kč do 31.5. 2019

Cena 1 100,- Kč

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