Introduction to Indian Yoga


19.8. 11:00-13:00

– Introduction to yoga as a mindset and lifestyle, what it means? simple methods and how to start?

– What are the trusted documents on traditional Indian Yoga and where can you find them?

– learn about the true meaning of yoga

– basic principles and fundamentals of yoga

– relationship between yoga and mental well being

– introduction to the 5 base (foundation) yoga postures

– introduction to meditation? What are different meditative postures? How do you practice it in your everyday life?

– introduction to breathing techniques and Pranayam. learn how breathing exercises can empower your posture holding capacity

– Om chants: introduction to the power of positive vibration and energies. How do OM chants channel your breathing flow?

– introduction to chakras and inner healing

– understanding relationship between postures and alignment for desired health outcomes

– learn about the power of holding capacity in asana (yoga postures) and pranayam (breathing exercises) 

– discover the real magic of yoga and how you can experience it

– begin your spirituality journey with traditional Indian yoga